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Dubbing Mixer|Sound Editing

For TV, Commercial, Broadcast, Corporate , Film or Online productions

Fixing and restoring problem audio

Delivering for any audio format

5.1 Cinema, TV Broadcast, Web Content, Commercials, Promos, DPP and R128


I have 20 Years Experience as a high end Dubbing Mixer & Sound Engineer, working on many well known TV shows, such as Q.I., The Apprentice, Gladiators, The F-Word and How to Look Good Naked as well as creating commercials for many household brands such as Coke, Dulux, British Airways and Virgin and a recent 4 month project with Apple.

Remote mixing to save on studio costs

Have your next project mixed remotely and finished to broadcast standards and review in a convenient location, such as an edit suite.
This can save money on hiring expensive audio rooms and encourages more financial flexibility for your projects.

I can always do a quick test with your media to make sure the workflow is perfect for you


All Audio formats mixed to correct standards

Including 5.1 for DVD or Cinema, Audio for Tablets & Online Content.
Mixes mastered to any standard for TV Broadcast, or International TV including the new DPP (Digital Production Partnership) specifications and EBU R128 Levels.
Whatever your project’s destination, it will be finished and supplied to the highest proper standards


Fixing Audio Problems

Using the latest technology, most reoccurring audio problems can now be corrected, such as distortion, hissing, buzzing, clicks, knocks, popping, reverb, echoes and rogue background noises.
Get in touch to see if I can help, even the most badly recorded audio can often be greatly improved!

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