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Dubbing Mixer|Sound Editing

For TV, Commercial, Broadcast, Corporate , Film or Online productions

Fixing and restoring problem audio

Delivering for any audio format

5.1 Cinema, TV Broadcast, Web Content, Commercials, Promos, DPP and R128

I am saving production companies time and money recently by working more frequently from my home studio,  removing the need to hire studios.

Often with quick turnaround media and tight budgets – I can upload  mixes in no time at all with my 200mb per second internet. The mix can then be reviewed  at convenience in an edit suite or with headphones on a laptop – whatever suites the production and then i can get feedback and tweak the mix until it is signed off.

I have my own Professional Audio kit and can work from my home studio on most projects. I have worked as a Sound Engineer & Dubbing Mixer at Evolutions Television and at the award winning Angell Sound Studios.

I have over 20 years experience working on Commercials, TV Shows, Web Content, Documentaries, Panel shows, Films,  5.1 surround work, Audio books, podcasts, film trailers and Promos.

I work as a freelancer in studios, post production houses and remotely from my home studio.

I also freelance in many of London’s top Post Houses such as Envy, Platform, Strongroom, Splice, FiftyFifty, Intermission, Empire, Silk Sound, Angell Sound, Another Tongue Studios, Coda post and more. Recent projects include A Grand Night In: The Story of Aardman, Borderline for channel 5, 100 years younger for ITV,  The Great History Quiz BBC, 30 years of Eastender Cliffhangers, Gadget Man , QI and lots of work for major Channels such as BBC, ITV, Nat Geo, Discovery, Channel 4, BBC3, Channel 5.

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